Monday, January 15, 2018

En Pointe Author Services - 2018 Changes and Coming Soon!

I understand how very busy your life as an author can be and how time consuming, managing street teams, release parties and most especially marketing and promotional duties can be. So I’ve created these services to manage and assist with these duties. Therefore, giving you the time needed to do what you do best and that’s to write and create wonderful masterpieces! My motto is to provide high quality services at affordable prices.  I will touch base weekly but you may email, or message at anytime.

En Pointe Author Services

Celebrating Three Years of

High Quality Services at Affordable Prices


Swag & Giveaways

Miniature Vintage Faux Leather Books

All are handcrafted and will come in four colors. Brown (see image), Blue, Red, and Green.

Also, A5 Sized Vintage Faux Leather Journals and Journals with a fancy vintage cover with lace, pearls and other beautiful ephemera and accents. These are all handcrafted and can be used as a Junk Journal, Art Journal or Writing Journal! Makes great swag and giveaways for your loyal readers.

Author Assistant Services I provide:
Full Author Assistant Services (The whole package) at $89.50 a Month
          Creating and/or managing street teams.
Creating and promoting ads on Facebook groups and blogs Mon- Saturday. If you are having a sale, upcoming release or party, those ads will take precedence. 
          Distributing and sending out swag.
          Assisting in any additional tasks needed.

Full Promotional Services at $69.50 a Month
Creating the banners and blurbs to use in the ads, promoting on facebook and blogs, Monday - Saturday. If you are having a sale, upcoming release or party, those ads will take precedence.

Part Promotional Services at $49.50 a Month
Promoting ads on Facebook groups and blogs using the ads, banners and other promo materials provided by the author. If you are having a sale, upcoming release or party, those ads will take precedence.

Blog Tours are Temporarily Unavailable - Will be returning soon!
Individual Services offered A La Carte:
Services are provided A la Carte, Please email, message or call for further information and pricing.

Additional Information:
No Contracts
Can discontinue at any time, just give me a weeks notice.
Offer and am flexible for periodic services as well (For example, if you only need my services to promo a new release for a month etc.)

Contact Information:
For questions and additional information, please message me, Janet Greaves on Facebook, email at
Please put Assistant Services in the subject.
For those interested, I also offer editing services, just message or email me at  for details.

Thank You and I look forward to providing you with high quality services at affordable prices!

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