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En Pointe Author Services would love to have you on board as a tour host. We understand how valuable your time is and greatly appreciate everything that you do for us.
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Please fill out the En Pointe Author Services Tour Host form below or email En Pointe Author Services at inquiring your interest in joining our Tour Host Team.
If emailing, please submit the following information:
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Genres You do NOT want to Host (En Pointe Author Services accepts all genres, including non-fiction.)
 Please Note: Once you sign up to become a tour host, in a week, you will receive a welcome packet that details the services we offer and how to sign up for tours as well as information on cancelling your membership.
En Pointe Author Services Blog Tour Host Sign Up Form:
 Literary Fanatics

If you'd like to host all of the blog tours, then become a Literary Fanatic and you will be automatically signed up for every tour. No more filling out sign up sheets. Please Note: if you'd like to review for a particular tour, you can still be a Literary Fanatic but please fill out the individual sign-up sheet for the tour you're interested in reviewing, so you can receive the book.

Literary Fanatics will automatically receive all tour promo posts, cover reveals, release blitzes and book blitzes. Tour materials will be emailed 5 - 7 days prior to the start of each tour.

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Guidelines and Information for Tour Hosts
Posts must be up by 12:00PM ET and they do not have to be the first or top post of the day.
Posting on your scheduled date is required, it’s understandable that life happens and/or sometimes we just simply forget. If you miss a post, you will be sent an email asking you to post no later than the end of that day. If you are unable to post for whatever reason, please email as soon as possible, so that arrangements can be made to find another host or reschedule your stop when you are able to post. If you miss 3 scheduled posts with no communication, your membership will be cancelled and you will no longer be able to host for En Pointe Author Services.
Authors have the option to add review stops to their tours, if you sign up to host a review, we ask that you post the review on your blog as well as on Amazon.
**Please note that you are receiving the ARC or a published copy of the book from the author in order to review, these are not to be sold, redistributed or copied in anyway. Anyone who is found violating copyright laws and mishandling ARC’s will no longer be able to host for En Pointe Author Services and I will notify other blog tour companies and the authors of said violation.
Signing up for Tours:
You will find sign up forms for every tour on En Pointe Author Services website and every TWO weeks you be receiving a “New Tours” email just for blog tour hosts with links and information to sign up for the tours. You have the option always of signing up using the signup sheet or emailing En Pointe Author Services.

Receiving Blog Tour Information:

The tour materials will be sent to you 5-7 days prior to the start of the tour. I understand many like to schedule their tours in advance, I will always strive to get the materials to you in completion earlier if possible. If you have not received materials for your tour or communication from me regarding tour materials by 2 days prior to the start date, please email and let me know.
Tour Host Giveaway:
As gratitude for the work that you do for us, all tour hosts that have posted on all of their scheduled dates and/or those who were unable to post but have communicated with us will be automatically enrolled in a monthly giveaway to receive either an Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card. If you are chosen, you will be sent a Congratulations Email and here you will be given the option to chose either Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card.
 Additional Information:

Please feel free to email at anytime with questions or concerns
En Pointe Author Services is looking forward to having you as part of our team!
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