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It’s very important to have a good editor by your side, giving you a second set of eyes to help catch those errors that can slip by so easily and providing a new perspective and voice to your work. I believe in high quality service at affordable prices, so I make it my goal to keep my prices reasonable.

If you’re in the market for editing services, I hope you’ll consider me. I have years of experience as an educator and have my degree in education from Post University, having graduated with highest honors. I’ve had many years of experience writing and editing essays, research papers, lesson plans and now books. I’m currently an intern with Clean Reads (formerly Astraea Press) and working with some of today’s bestselling authors.


Services Offered and Pricing 

Full Book Editing Services

$50 per 10,000 words.


Content edit (overview of the work as a whole, includes the plot points, the characters, voice, POV and tone.  Also includes repetitive words, dialogue, readability, clichés, awkward sentences, description and setting, etc.) 

Line edits and proofreading which includes grammar, punctuation, spelling, and typos.

Includes three revisions, first revision is a read-through and content edit, then, I return the manuscript to the author for changes. Second revision is line edits and third revision is a proofread and final edits which I return the completed fully corrected manuscript.

As an added bonus, social media promotions and online reviews on the edited work (applies to books only)

Line Editing and Proofreading

$30 per 10,000 words

          Line editing consists of grammar, punctuation, spelling and typos.

          Does not include, content editing.

As an added bonus, social media promotions and online reviews on the edited work (applies to books only)


$15 per 10,000

Re-edit a previously edited and/or published work. 

Includes both content and line editing.


Ghost Writing Services

$120.00 per 10,000 words.

I can either rewrite an existing manuscript, or create the entire manuscript based on your notes, a rough outline, or from interviewing you. I also can share in the duty of writing, where we both collaborate and write parts of the manuscript. Typically, the interviewing and background work can be done over the phone, via e-mail or text/Facebook messenger.  I will work closely with you from day one until the job is finished to your complete satisfaction.



          Double-spaced, 1" margins, 12-point courier font.

          MS Word document.

          Please email your manuscript to enpointeediting@gmail.com

          I accept any genre. I also have experience editing in British English.


Additional Editing Services and pricing:

Academic and Medical Editing:

Books and Journals

$100 per 10,000 words.

          -Only Line editing/Proofreading

Research Papers and Essays

High School

Research Papers:  $39.50

Essays:  $22.50


Research Papers for:

Senior/Junior/Major courses:  $79.50

 Freshman/Sophomore:  $59.50

Dissertation and Thesis Papers:  $163.50

Graduate Level Research Papers:  $129.50

Grant Editing:  $95.50

          Only Line editing/Proofreading

Website Editing:  $49.50

Includes checking all of the descriptions for grammar, spelling, punctuation and the overall flow. Does everything make sense and appear eye catching to the client.

Magazine and Online Stories and Articles:  $27.50 per story/article.

Freelance work prior to publication, line editing/proofreading only

Ad Editing:  $22.50 per ad

Newsletter Editing:  $22.50 per newsletter

Resume Editing:  $9.50 per resume

Church Bulletins/Newsletters:  $7.50 per bulletin/newsletter

Social Media Editing and Blog Post Editing:  $5.50 per post

All of the above includes checking over the work for grammar, spelling, punctuation and the overall flow. Does everything make sense and appear eye catching to the client.


Additional Information:

I use Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition, and Webster’s Collegiate, 11th Edition.

I use “Track Changes” in MS Word in order that every correction shows up in a different color than the classic black.

I believe in constant communication and will keep in touch with you via email, phone or messenger during every step of the editing process. I also welcome you to call me, email or message at anytime with questions or concerns.

Further reduced prices offered to those expressing the need, taken on a case by case basis.
If interested in my editing services, please email me at enpointeediting@gmail.com and put in the subject "Editing Services"
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